I Create Havens Of Calm & Connection For Busy People

I wasn't always so comfortable in my own skin...

As a kid I always felt different...very shy and VERY uncomfortable when in groups of people. I loved the world inside my head, the fantasy world of books and the unconditional love I felt from nature and trees. 

"Introversion" wasn't a "thing" back then and it was an extroverts world. So 50% of the population was always going to feel like they just didn't quite know their place. 

But I loved communicating one-on-one with people and creating things from nothing - despite the shyness, I was pretty much an entrepeneur from age 8 when I knocked on stranger's doors in my neighbourhood and sold them my home-made Christmas cards :)

Fast forward 40 years and I have never worked for anyone else. Creating businesses from scratch (3 day spas in hotels, a yoga studio and hugely popular "silent retreats") so that I was always the boss and could do my own thing was always the way it was going to be for me.

My businesses have ALWAYS been about bringing people together and emboldening them to be courageous and curious to make powerful changes in their lives. 

Online Yoga Retreats - Kara Swift
Online Yoga Retreats by Kara Swift
In my late 30's I felt a very strong need to learn how to meditate

I knew I needed to become mentally stronger and more resilient to deal with what life inevitably would be dealing to me as I aged. And sure enough, at age 40 I was diagnosed with a potentially debilitating, chronic condition. My daily fainting spells made life difficult but the drugs that cured them had unbearable side effects. 

I knew I couldn't live another day like this and I refused to live a life glued to the couch and the drugs. I knew I had to become a new person and with the help of my Dietician sister, I found a natural way to deal with my condition along with yoga and meditation.

Almost a decade later I have never felt younger, stronger or happier and it has been my mission ever since to give others the space and the tools, through yoga & meditation, to create their own healing and more calm and balance in their life. 

Come Journey With Me...

I'm the owner of a yoga studio Canungra Yoga and My Yoga Retreat (one of Australia's largest retreat companies).

I also run intimate retreats for just 7 guests in the Scenic Rim and the rolling hills of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast. I love creating beautiful spaces where people can have a digital detox and step away from chit-chat and the busy-ness of life to truly connect back to silence, nature and their hearts. 


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