Are you a woman who seeks more 

🌱 contentment,

🌱 connection,

🌱 confidence & calm?

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"I help women to live YOUNGER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER"

Bloom together is a membership for women who love to learn, grow and BLOOM."

- Kara Swift

Create control over your busy mind...

Then use that calm and controlled mind to create -

more confidence

more quality time spent on YOU (without the familiar feelings of guilt)

healthy daily habits

a regular meditation practice

If you’ve found yourself on this page then the chances are you want more for yourself. You may be in the process of learning who you truly are and what you truly desire. 

Or maybe you are on the right track but want to deepen your self-knowledge and spirituality.

Wherever you are at right now, it’s essential to -

have clarity on what you want...

believe that it’s possible...

take action to turn your vision into reality...

With teachings from Kara & the support of a group of like-minded women, step into your purpose and confidence.

Learn to leave behind the things that may have held you back in life - limiting beliefs, negative thinking, fear, anxiety and unhealthy habits.

Are you ready to be part of something life changing?

Who is the membership for?

Bloom Together is for you if you are a woman who:

🌱is ready to deepen your spirituality and to also become more committed to exciting new habits to help you age slower. (I am obsessed with learning the science behind this..there is a LOT that we have control over to slow the ageing process.)

🌱is excited by the idea of ongoing and affordable coaching, empowerment and community. 

🌱 wants to bond with sisters from around the world who are moving through their fear and discomfort and discovering their strength, confidence and potential.

🌱wants to Improve the way you react to challenging situations (your resilience to the difficult stuff life throws at you), your emotional mindset and the quality of your relationships)

🌱 wants to live feeling content, connected, confident, calm and in control - and to feel youthful as you get older but recognise that you need support, accountability and inspiration along the way. 

🌱 refuses to settle in want to bloom and soar.


What will I get?

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - Bloom Together is a unique space with no "clutter". A safe space to feel "heard", calm and supported - with other like-minded women.

And for those who aren't on FB we also have an online "portal" where the video teachings are housed..there is is also a lovely community vibe here, so you don't need to be in the FB group if you don't want to. 

In this portal I share teachings on spirituality, reducing feeling overwhelmed, and habit-building to live a calmer, more confident and healthier life. 

This online portal is accessible from any device including a nifty app on your phone. 

The FB group and the online portal are safe spaces to step away from the demands, noise and pace of the day-to-day to reconnect to YOU

...because when YOUR cup is full ...(or even over-flowing!you'll have more to give to those you love. 

Share and receive support and encouragement to live a life that is true to you, your values and heart.

It is almost like having your own private life-coach as well as cheer-squad to support you, as you elevate your life and mindset.

Join Kara & Bloom -

Prices are in AUD, the $24 option is only approx $16USD.

If you choose either the 6 or 12 month options, I will mail you your very own beautiful set of wooden meditation beads  - as my gift to you. 




Pay monthly and cancel any time you like

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Pay ahead for 6 months membership + I'll send you a beautiful set of meditation beads

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Pay ahead for the entire year & get 1 month free + a set of meditation beads

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Enrolments to the membership only open a few times a year, join the waitlist and we'll send you an email when the next intake opens. 

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