Join Kara & A Beautiful Community Of People For Yoga Without Leaving Your home!

Do you sometimes feel you really need more yoga in your life?  For the health of your body AND your mind.

Right now our nervous systems are being put through the wringer. And unfortunately the biggest enemy to having a strong immunity is stress and lack of sleep. 

Now more than ever we need to plan ahead for self-care periods, to maintain our mental health and bolster our immunity (whilst keeping our body moving with ease). Science is proving again and again that yoga and meditation are some of the best ways we know, to create a calm and resilient mind. 

Every Tuesday 9.30am my camera will be set up on me only (not on the students) so you can join in,  no matter where you live.  The beauty of an online class is that you can even stay in your PJ's if you like 😁. 

Your baby, kids, fur-baby can all be there too if you need. 

It can be difficult to do a class all by yourself and it's just not the same with a pre-recorded yoga video. Nothing beats the interaction and feeling of community that a live class evokes

Unlike a yoga video, you will be joining in on my usual studio class except you are at home (you are welcome to have your camera switched off if you prefer, so that no-one can see you but you can still see and hear me).  

If you have background noise at home that is totally fine because during the class, I pop all the students on "mute" so no sounds from their homes are heard

And for anyone who is currently in isolation it's a great way to keep your socialisation and interaction with a beautiful community. 


Tuesdays 9.30am

Tuesdays 6pm

Where: Your lounge-room 

Cost: $15 for one class or $150 for a 10-pass.

How: you just need a computer and decent internet access. Once you book your class you'll be sent the is SO simply click on a link and voila, there you my lounge-room!

Sue used to drive a 2.5hr round trip most weeks to do a yoga class with Kara. Now she does from her lounge, with her cat!

Shannon used to be a weekly student of Kara's until she moved away and joined us for yoga from a cattle station in the Northern Territory!





So you don't need to pay each time you do a class.  

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You can use can your pass for the online classes. 

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