"Yoga With Kara" Membership

Keep your body strong and fluid...and your mind calm...

In an ideal world we'd be doing yoga regularly at home (which is HARD to get motivated to do) or to visit a yoga studio regularly for the health of our body, mind & spirit -- but life gets in the way, and it's often when we need it the most that we don't do a regular practice. 

Yoga With Kara Membership will keep you on track to bring about some profound changes in your life, keeping you moving and feeling younger as time goes by. 

And it is less than $11 a week!

Become a Member

What you'll get --

  • A video recording of my weekly 1 hour studio class on a phone app or on your computer/tablet
  • these weekly classes are released  onto your app 52 weeks a year, even over the holidays (so at the end of the year you will have a library of 52 different 1 hour studio classes to do, whenever you like). 
  • Entry to a studio class per week (usually $15)
  • Or entry to a live/zoom class per week (usually $15)
  • Weekly emails with gentle reminders to re-visit your mat - consider me like a subtle life-coach motivating you along the way :)
  • You can leave comments under each video, asking me questions and even chatting with other members if you like. Creating a lovely, virtual community space. 
  • For less than $11/week (charged monthly at $47)
  • Or purchase one year up front, to really make yourself committed to a regular practice (and receive 2 months free). 
  • You can cancel your membership any time you like. 
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Purchase 12 months - get 2 months free

The Studio

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A sneak peek inside the membership hub...

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